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Program Aim:

The aim of this program is to meet the demands related to surveying, to train people who know their professional ethics and responsibilities.


Our vision is to become an international program that supplies the demands of surveying.


Prepares a comprehensive curriculum for students who want to take this education with associate degree education. It presents this program to students. Students thought in this framework.

Program Language: Turkish

 Description of the Program:

It is a program that will meet the needs of the public institutions and the private sector engaged in location-based planning and project studies on the land. Education period is 2 years. It consists of 4 terms. Students have to 30 days of internship.

Required Features

– Capable of numerical thinking,

– Shape and space relations can see,

– Arithmetic and geometric operations,

– Enhanced drawing ability,

– Likes to work in open air and land,

– Collaborative,

– Have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Qualifications of the Education Process

– Examines the land to be mapped from various angles,

– draws maps and sketches of the land with various tools,

– makes calculations from the land measurements in the office,

– make corrections and coloring on maps,

– makes the maintenance and adjustment of the instruments to be used in field measurements.

 Graduation Requirements:

The student graduates from the program by completing 120 ECTS credits. It also has to do 30 Workdays Internship.

 Evaluation Principles:

Afyon Kocatepe University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations are based for the evaluation. These regulations are applied by the department’s instructors to the students at the beginning of the terms.

Program Process

In this program, students receive 17 hours of online education.  Students can follow the courses described by the instructors on the internet in real time with the help of a device with internet support such as computer and telephone.

Students can also ask questions to the instructor or follow the lesson later. At the end of each lesson, related instructors can give the student documents such as projects and applications. This materials such as project and application are sent to the instructor by the student (via e-mail, cargo etc.).

Mid-term exams are conducted through distance education system. The student is not required to come to the school for the midterm exam.

Before the final exams, the applications of the Theory + Application courses in the program are carried out in the form of GIS laboratory, Photogrammetry laboratory, Remote Sensing laboratory or Field Study.

Final exams are held at Distance Education Vocational School. The student is required to attend a final exam. There are make-up exams for unsuccessful students.

All announcements to students are made at

Advancement at Profession

Students are able to transfer to the “Geodesy and Photogrammetry (Surveying/Geomatics) Engineering” program with various exams. They can also be promoted according to the position in which their work.

Working Areas

Working areas in our country are quite wide. Graduates are capable to work at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and other ministries, Municipalities, Reconstruction Companies, Universities, Infrastructure Companies, General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, İSKİ, İGDAŞ, TEAŞ, TEDAŞ, Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration, İller Bank, DSİ, TKİ, Turkey Highways and Railways and so on.  They can also work in many private institutions.

Internship Procedures

Students are required to complete 30 work days of internship. Students who are insured and active for 3 months in a field related to this program may be exempted from the internship with the decision of the board.







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